Difference Between Streaming and Downloading Media

Certainly Downloading and Streaming media sounds same to most of the people, though it is not. Before explaining the difference between the two, it would be better if we look at their definitions.

Downloading Media

Downloading media is when you copy a file, music, picture, folder, movie or even a statement to your computer or phone. It is mainly said to copy a file to your device from internet. It doesn’t matter it is freemium or premium, copying a file is actually downloading it to your device.

Streaming Media

Streaming media is when you open a file or media through internet without copying it. It is basically when you are receiving data constantly. For instance, Radio is type of streaming music on your phone or on your music system. It basically involves streaming videos, music, pictures or movies direct from internet to your device without downloading it.

The difference between the two

There is a huge difference between the two. The main concept is already clear to you, for now we will be discussing the main features of downloading and streaming media:-

Downloading Media

  • Your device connects to the internet and copies the file you desire.
  • You can transfer or copy the file on any other device till the time it is allowed to.
  • Usually, you wait for the downloading process to finish to see the file you have copied.
  • The downloaded file is available on your device for future reference.
  • You can use that file anytime you want to. It is totally free after downloading.

Streaming Media

  • You can listen to songs, watch movies and videos over the internet without downloading it.
  • Streaming videos or music online gives you a buffering sign that can be qutie irritating.
  • To watch media online you need to have a good internet speed over all.
  • The speed of the media your streaming online can be determined by two factors; number of people watching the video at the same time and the traffic on internet.
  • Streamed media is never saved to your device. Either it is available for free or you are charged for monthly subscription.

Final words

Indeed, there is a lot of difference between the two. Now we are sure you will use the two words in the right context and at the right time. According to us, downloading movies online is a good option whereas, streaming music online can allow you to listen to a variety of music in a go.

There are many websites that allows you to streaming free media; Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube and many more.